Spaced Out…

OK, by now most American Girl fans have heard the rumors of the awaited 2018 Girl of the Year (GOTY) – Luciana Vega. If you haven’t, then you can read about it here.

It didn’t take long after I heard about a STEM space-loving GOTY to get my design wheels churning. Space!! I have always been a space-geek. Star Trek, Star Wars, even just laying on my back on a summer’s night gazing up at the Midwestern night sky. The possibilities are endless and awe-inspiring.

So the challenge wasn’t coming UP with space quilts – it was limiting myself to just a few! So yes, you will see a few Luciana-inspired doll quilts coming your way this year, and we just finished the first – Orbit! This doll quilt is a great place to start if you are a new quilter, and if not, is the perfect afternoon project to flex your applique and patchwork muscles!


Here is Logan enjoying the first night with his new “Orbit” quilt. It was so much fun to make up his new room! For his bookshelf, we found an inexpensive wooden caddy (less than $7), cut off the handle, and stained it.  We made his Space Encyclopedia by shrinking up an image of the cover and gluing it to cardboard. For the pages? We cut a square from a thin phone book, and glued it, binding and all, into the doll-sized book.

The telescope was the hardest part, and in retrospect, I wish I had taken advantage of the sale that AG had on it a month or so ago. But with Christmas here, I couldn’t justify paying full price for the AG telescope, so I followed a video on YouTube to make this one out of paper and glue. Needless to say, the talented woman making it on YouTube must have been more talented than me! I am still not sure what had more glue on it at the end of my little project, me or the telescope! But still, Logan seems to like it, so it was worth it.

Once I finished Logan’s quilt, I had to see what this pattern would look like in more feminine colors – so I created a special version just for Gabriella!


So now on to our next design – I will post more on that soon. Until then, I am looking forward to a new member joining our doll family – my first Maplelea doll – Saila!

She will arrive today, and I just can’t wait. Already I have been so impressed by their customer service, and their unique clothing! Of course I had to order the Northern Spirit outfit with those adorable Storm Stomper boots! 

Now to start thinking about Northern quilt designs for Saila – what fun!! Yes, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year – so glad you are joining us for the journey!


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