Have an Inspired New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our Ladybug friends! We wish you a year full of creativity, quilting, dolls, inspiration, and FUN!

I started off the year in my quilt room, diligently picking fabrics for two new quilts – Navajo Dreams and Polar Paws. Both use traditional quilt designs, but with a twist for two of my favorite dolls, Kaya and Saila. As my eyes wandered over the red and turquoise for Kaya’s quilt, and the light blue wintery prints for Saila’s Polar Paws, some unruly fabrics kept jumping out at me. Pushing aside their shelf buddies and demanding to be front and center, these fabrics wandered onto my cutting table….


As soon as they had marched into place, demanding in a fairly bossy tone to be cut into exact strips, I knew that I had better shift gears and see where they led me. So with a sigh, I replaced Saila and Kaya’s fabric for the moment, and let the dear bright fabric strips take me where they wanted to go. And what a delightful afternoon we had making Stacked Up! As soon as Charlsea saw where the afternoon was headed, she jumped right in – LOVING the funky bright fabrics and laying claim on the quilt!


What fun it was to stack and restack those strips – each time getting a brand new quilt! With my creative juices flowing, and more and more fabrics jumping off the shelves at me, I HAD to create a different design. This one for Valentines Day – one of my favorite holidays. Because come on – who can resist a holiday where you celebrate the ones you love?


And as the sun set on that beautiful, creative day, the fabrics slowly made their way back on the shelves, sleepy and tired from the fun. I cleaned up the scraps of my quilt table, tucked my dolls back under their quilts, and put my feet up with a warm cup of chamomile tea, looking forward to the next day that I could finally start on Kaya and Saila’s quilts.

And I started the new year in the best way ever, with tired feet, achy arms from cutting and sewing, and a full heart. There is no better way to ring in the new year than spending a day with your creativity and being inspired. It’s been said that to some, the word “inspiration” means “breath of God.” I can definitely see that. Because when I give into the beauty and magic of fabric, needle, and thread, I feel Joy. Happiness. Goodness. Peace.

Happy New Year Ladybug Quilters – see you soon with our next design! Until then, you can find us here:


:o) Rosie


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