Bring on Spring!

I don’t know where you live, but here in Wisconsin, winter can get a bit long. Sure, I love the snow when I am warming in front of a cozy fire in December, scurrying around the holiday festivals singing songs about dashing through the snow, letting it snow, etc. And then comes January.

Ahh January. Cold, cold, and more cold. Gloomy days filled with snow, cold, and the longest month of the year. But still, we’re in Wisconsin right? So it’s expected. So I bundle up and muscle through. But then February comes – and inevitably – it brings at least one day of 40 degree weather. It’s a teaser – we all know it’s a teaser – that Spring is truly not here. But my heart is always fooled. I shed my heavy coat, take the dog for a walk in the sunshine, start dreaming about flowers and growing seeds for my garden. And then it hits. The Snow. This past week, for example, we’ve had more snow nearly every day. 3 inches here, 5 inches there. Its higher than my dog – we actually had to shovel a path in the yard for him to walk through when he goes out! That pesky groundhog – he jinxed us!!

So what else can you do with Spring in your heart and a yard full of snow? Well, I’ve been soothing myself with spring quilting – blocks and blocks of bright cheerful fabric and splashy patterns to delight my stir crazy dolls and myself, and give us a glimpse of spring!

I started with some pastels and hearts – a tribute to both Valentines day and Easter, two holidays that mark the winding down of winter and the beginning of spring. This quilt is called “Love All Around” and was a joy to create. I love applique, though I try to not get too carried away with it in our doll quilt patterns. But I couldn’t resist here – the applique hearts really warm up this design…


That quilt really lifted my spirits! But add in another snow storm or two and I was ready for more! This time I pulled out the brighter, splashier spring fabrics, and set up a garden room for my dolls. This quilt is called “Windowpanes” and is a snap to make. In fact, it goes together so quickly, I literally made four color variations in a single afternoon – once I got started, I couldn’t stop!


Here is another – with more solid fabrics….


So with my Spring itch scratched (for now) – I am heading back into my quilt room to work on a Navajo blanket-inspired design for my Kaya doll from American Girl. More on that to come!

But in the meantime, I wish you a happy early spring (even if it is just in your sewing room) – and as always, Happy Quilting!

Rosie :o)

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