One Size Does NOT Fit All (in doll beds anyway)

This winter, I bought three doll beds. Three VERY different doll beds, from some really talented carpenters! Doll bed #1? Of course, for my 18″ dolls like American Girl(R). Doll bed #2? A cute, oh-so-tiny doll bed to fit my 6-1/2″ mini dolls from American Girl(R). And doll bed #3? A bed from a carpenter overseas, sized to fit my 11-1/2″ Barbie(R) doll.

And there I was – oohing and aahing over each and every bed, dreaming of the quilts, large and small, that I would create for each of my dolls. And then it hit me …. where oh where would I get mattresses to fit each bed? Each VERY unique bed?

After researching, testing, and a LOT of try-try-and-try again, I learned how to use the measurements of each doll bed to create a perfectly-sized mattress, complete with box corners, for each and every bed!

But I couldn’t stop there….next, I designed a very simple, yet very scalable doll quilt pattern that could instantly fit all three bed sizes, but also be customized a bit here and there to fit ANY size bed. Larger bed? Add a border! Smaller bed? Remove one…. you get the idea.

And then I just…. well….? I played. Each quilt and mattress set went together so quickly, that in one afternoon, I made two of each size! My tiny dolls that once had no place to sleep, were now literally rolling in quilts! Here are some of my pics!





With each and every one of my dolls comfy and cozy in their brand new bedding, I am off to start a new design. But if you would like to make these quilts, or this mattress set, hop on over to PixieFaire ( – the patterns will be posted this Friday, May 18!

Hope to see you over at Pixie Faire this Friday – until then, enjoy the magic of your wonderful dolls, and above all…. Happy Quilting!

:o) Elizabeth


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